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an we lead t●he industry ■and the world◆."That's wh○at we're doing fo●r Made

in China 2025●," she sai○d, referring● to the national pla■n to upgrade○ Chinese man〓ufacturing. "Th○at's our responsib●ility right 〓now."The industri●al robots c●overed by the compan○y's intellec○tual property ●rights have be●en applied● in welding, sp〓raying and transp●ortation, grea


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tly en〓hancing productivi●ty and reduces 〓labor cost○s, she said.In● an earlier inte●rview, she said ■her company would 〓concentrate on ro○bots and precision〓 machine tools ○as part of efforts■ to upgrad◆e and transform◆ Chinese m◆anufacturing, as we○ll as provid◆ing entirely● self-develop■ed high-end equipmen■t for Made i○n China 2025.Gree ha○s independent●ly filed more than 2◆0 patents acr■oss over 100 types■ of automati〓on products,◆ such as intell■igent automatic ●guided veh●icles, industri■al robots ●and manipula○tors for plast■ic injection m〓achines,


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whi〓ch are use〓d to convey ◆plastic products.The●se products have bee●n applied in f●ields incl●uding home appl●iances, new energ■y, food and en●ergy saving.I○ntelligent 〓equipment 〓has become an impor■tant business〓 growth point for〓 Gree. The compa〓ny reported that ○revenue from its in●telligent equipm◆ent business〓 reached 96◆2 million yuan ($15◆2 million) in th〓e first ha●lf of last year○, up 27 ti●mes compared with ○the same perio●d in 2016.Chi■na has been● the world's〓 largest indus〓trial robot mar〓ket for four○ consecutive year●s, according to Wan〓g Xiangrui, pre●sident of the China ●Machinery Industr●y Federation. ○Sales of indust■rial robots reach〓ed 89,000 un■its in 2016, and the● figure is expected ●to


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rise to 150◆,000 by 2020."The h〓uge market dema○nd, sound ind■ustrial basis ■and favorable〓 policy sup●port have brought ■a rare opp○ortunity for the d〓evelopment of● intelligent equip■ment and manufacturi●ng," Wang said. 〓"We should focus ●on intelli●gent manufacturing t■o promote high-quali■ty development●, which has■ also become the ch○oice of China's ●manufacturing i●ndustry."Th●e transformation an■d upgradin〓g of China's man○ufacturing se■ctor contrib●uted to the○ development● of the Chin●ese robot market, sa◆id Song Xiaogang●, executive presid■ent and secretary-g■eneral of the C●hina Robot Indust●ry Alliance, adding ●that Gree has done g◆ood work f■ocusing on the Chine■se market.Please ●scan the QR Code ●to follow ●us on InstagramPlea●se scan t

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■to follow us on We■chatThe Chinese ●Lunar New Year, or S●pring Festival, ●is a tradition●al shopping spree ●for most consu●mers. Retailer◆s are seiz○ing the opportunity ■to boost their sale■s. Home appliance st●ores in Beij〓ing began of●fering big discou●nts at the ●weekend. The■ prices of most of〓 home appli◆ances,

including r●efrigerators ●and washing m●achines, have been○ cut by 1


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0 ■to 20 percent. Many ●home applianc◆e manufactu●rers say t◆he they are confide■nt of the sales ○during the Sp◆ring Festiv■al, given the go◆od performa●nce during the● New Year peri◆od. Shi Jiajia, Sun■ing Appliance, "we〓 are boosting con■sumption before ■the Spring Festival,◆ so the pr■ice discount is bi〓g."However, ●some c

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onsumers a◆re waiting for ●a bigger discount. A● consumer say○s, "we're just● having a l?/p>

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